All images © Devin Cogger 2019

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I produce paintings that explore ideas about imagination in relation to mysterious spaces and ambiguous formations. These paintings work together to challenge descriptive language by offering suggestions of utility, making attempts toward figuration, and alluding to experiences of wonder and uncertainty. By skirting between the recognizable and the indeterminate, they invite the viewer to engage in imaginative acts of interpretation. Squealing before the sight of an indeterminate mashup of improbable imagery, language—through it’s awkward utterances—characterizes interpretation as an imaginative act. 

Devin Cogger is a Portland based artist currently exploring a practice in acrylic painting that harkens to modes of Abstraction with Surrealist tendencies. In 2013 he received his BA from the Evergreen State College, with an emphasis in drawing as well as stone and wood sculpture. In the recent summer of 2017 he earned an MFA in Visual Studies from the Pacific Northwest College of art, and has since allowed painting to become a primary emphasis in the studio. Cogger continues to generate work that uses improvisatory methods to employ the imagination in the calling of strange forms to life. 

Artist Statement